FestivAll Charleston West Side Wiener Dog Races - SCHEDULE
 FestivAll Charleston West Side Wiener Dog Races  -
We love all dogs and all breeds.  However, please be so kind as to leave the big dogs at home during the wiener dog races.  Some of our wiener dogs are intimidated by the big dogs.  Thank you for your consideration.
10:00 to 12:30: Race Registration (at the corner of Matthews and Washington St. W)
11:00:               Musical Easels Art Event  Musical Easels
11:30:  “Fetch Competition” (prize to the wiener who retrieves the ball and returns it first)
11:45:   Pet Blessing             
12:00:   Wiener Dog Costume Contest and Parade 
1:00 to 3:30:
Senior Division - 9 years and above
Puppy Division - Ages up to 1 Year                   
Adult Division II - Ages 5 years up to 9 years
Adult Division I – Ages 1 year up to 5 years
Awards:  Cash Prize for 1 Place in the finals of each race division
        including “Fetch the Ball” race and the “Race of Past Champions” 
2014 Music and Sound by the Ritch Collins Three-O 
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Link to the 2014 FestivAll List of Eventshttp://www.festivallcharleston.com
Link to the City of Charleston Websitehttp://www.cityofcharleston.org
West Side Main Street Programhttp://www.westsidemainstreet.org
West Virginia State University Extension: http://aceop.wvstateu.edu/
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